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Make It Simple

Reduce Cost of Operations

Your employees and customers waste 15%-30% of their day trying to find
the correct data.

Let expertIG help you give them the right data at the right time, in the right way.

expertIG Apps Improve Service Delivery

  • Provide smarter customer  service with easy access
  • Create informed customers through self service apps
  • Offer intelligent deliveries through integrated systems
  • Retain satisfied customers and generate referrals

Improve Sales Growth

With outdated intelligence, your business  is providing slower response times to customer’s needs. Your competitors will be there to catch their fall.

With  improved customer analytics and realtime data decision making from expertIG, you can boost top line revenue.

Improve Overall Efficiency

Through ExpertIG's understanding of the companies and tools available, we are able to simplify and unify the User Experience for Enterprise SAP users. This drives efficiencies across the organization, produces cost savings and simplifies maintenance of the SAP stack.

Our business is to make your business simple to run

Your enterprise systems are becoming more complicated without you knowing it. We’ll show you the simpler way.

Simpler systems will provide lower maintenace costs, higher revenues, and improved service delivery.

Can you afford to do nothing, when your competitors have chosen to do something?

expertIG has helped many companies such as