Company Overview

We believe that a smart use of technology can exponentially improve the way that we solve business problems and accelerate the way that we reach business goals. It turns out that this belief resonates well with employees and customers, and since 2003 we have been able to accomplish some really impressive technology feats with this application of Integration Maturity. Grounded in our core belief, we have established an effective delivery model, an impressive suite of pre-configured apps and an even more impressive list of happy customers.

Today we deliver:

  • Thought Leadership in SAP centric enterprise architecture by offering our customers insight into relevant technologies and trends that can impact their business goals
  • Expert Advice by providing architecture and decision support services that enable a smart use of technology specific to their business goals and maturity
  • Velocity through rapid engagements that implement technology solutions for quick wins, reduced risk and maximum gain.
  • Repeatability with mentoring and knowledge transfer baked into all of our solutions we enable our customers for ongoing success long after we have left the building.

expertIG is a member of The Business Maturity Group that supports and promotes Business Maturity.

The pace of progress in Enterprise Applications has been dazzling – technology generations have collapsed to just years, even months. However, the progress in the art and science of managing information systems has been markedly slower. The consequence: a widening gap between what business and customers expect their systems to deliver and what companies can achieve with their technology investment. As direct result, organizations are slow to react to changing market conditions and operate at a low Business Maturity level. To raise their level of Business Maturity an organization needs to bridge that gap to achieve faster response times to market fluctuations and align their people structures with their system structures – one integrated system and 1 integration organization that is able to move at the speed of NOW.