SALES ENABLEMENT: Your sales people spend a lot of time solving your customer order issues through your helpdesk. This is cumbersome, time consuming and ineffective. Arm your salesforce with real time customer information to more effectively locate and manage customer needs.

myCustomers Sales Enablement App

Many times, when sales reps visit a customer, they do not have up to date information regarding their customer’s sales orders. The sales rep often has to contact the customer service department themselves or they have to direct the customer to contact customer service just to find something simple like the date that their order shipped. With this app, sales reps can get latest information on their key customer’s sales orders and inform their customers of order statuses at the snap of a finger. myCustomers provides a graphical dashboard that enables sales reps with the ability to provide their customers with a summary of their sale order statuses in real time. The summary identifies if their order has been delivered, is in process, or if it may be delayed. The sales reps can also receive important notifications on the device to track an order, which enables them to respond to issues in a timely manner. With this app, call center costs will decrease as customer service increases because of the sales reps’ instant access to necessary sales order information.

Key features:

  • Secure connection to SAP® system for backend information
  • Ability to view your own customers and their information
  • The ability to view status of orders and individual line items of the order
  • Real time notification for shipping and tracking information via push notification
  • The order and line item status are color coded to distinguish problem areas
  • View key customer contacts and send messages and/or directly call from device
  • Search capabilities for Customers, Orders, Contacts and Notifications
  • Bookmark capabilities
  • Map support for location based services

Optional integration into expertIG’s other ground breaking enterprise apps including: myOrders and myDeliveries.