ON-DEVICE AGILITY FOR ANALYTICS: Companies are managing their supply chain through ineffective spreadsheets that hold outdated information. Decisions made based on poor data cost companies countless dollars. Manage your supply chain from the palm of your hand with up to date, supply chain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Supply Chain Analytics

Too often companies are constrained by countless measures that are born from inefficiencies within the Supply Chain and the corresponding re-action employed by the organization to tackle the symptoms of these inefficiencies. After a while companies measure mediocrity and they end up measuring for the sake of measuring. Conversely well structured, well defined and actionable KPI’s will drive significant change and improvement throughout the organization to create harmony between a company’s ERP system and its workforce. New mobile capabilities make these KPI’s available to Executives, Managers and Users via mobile devices such as Apple iPhones, iPads, Android and RIM devices. Mobile platforms are now bringing information to the hands of decision makers in real time, through secure and efficient means.

By mobilizing your process, you will acquire the ability to automatically pull KPI’s from your SAP® system. Consolidation of your SAP® data is then communicated to the key members in your organization right through their mobile phones or tablet devices. They now have the ability to drill down more deeply into company data according to date, plant, user, material, etc. Reaction times to errors greatly decrease as the ability to predict and prohibit potential issues increases to allow your supply chain to operate effectively.