Process Driven Native App Development

Native apps provide personal user experiences that leverage all the capability of the device platform on which they run. The expertIG team understands why and when native apps are a smart use of technology to realize your business goals. 80% of all native enterprise app development efforts fail to reach the device, fail to provide the user experience intended, or exceed the allocated budget by over 150%. expertIG Native App development services follow a proven process that offers you a seat with the 20% of enterprise app efforts that exceed user expectations, simplify access to your enterprise, and keep your budget in the green. Here’s how we do it:

  • 1. We Validate your Strategy First, we validate your initiative. Native development is not for all efforts and all enterprises. We use our best practices to evaluate the goal, consider your company’s mobile maturity and take into account your company’s culture to ensure native app development is the right choice for you.
  • 2. We insert Velocity Native device development skills, enterprise integration capability, along with user experience design are not a skillsets readily available in most internal company development teams. We supplement your team with the right mix of native development experience necessary to rapidly develop and deliver native enterprise apps quicker than our competitors and below budget expectations.
  • 3. We make it Personal Personal experience has driven the consumerization of enterprise mobility and Native Apps are the key technology that has a proven record of accomplishment when delivering a highly personalized experience. We utilize native controls, lightning speed, seamless enterprise integration, and a creative user experience design that exploits the native device platform and immerses your users.
  • 4. We add the Polish Native Apps are different from their cross-device hybrid app alternatives. Hybrid app implementations are about compromise and cross platform compatibility. Native Apps are about maximizing the capability of the device to simplify the user interface and create a unique user experience. The expertIG UX/UI team gives you polished simplicity which creates a unique user experience that makes the cost of native development contribute to the value provided by your app.
  • 5. We Deliver on your Business Goals and Reduce your Risk Like any smart use of technology, you measure results in business value, not technical success. You make a considerable investment that comes with monetary risks that need to be mitigated. From expertIG’s proposal to our delivery we partner with you on your goals and share your risk. Expert resources, proven methodology, award winning experience combined with competitive rates and shared ownership of the results to make us your best choice in a native app development partner.