The SMP Evolution

The release of SMP 3.0 (SAP Mobile Platform 3.0) was an important step forward for the SMP Platform. It includes some developed components and the consolidation of some acquired technologies. Primarily, the formalization of Sybase Unwired, Syclo Agentry, Sybase mobilizer and Netweaer Gateway rounded out a complete mobile platform.

expertIG has been closely involved in the progress of SMP 3.0 from the original SUP 2.3. We have developed our own apps and apps for our customers using this platform and we understand the technology and the trends that are driving this technology suite.

Making the decision to implement SMP 3.0 and migrating your apps to this technology is not a simple decision. Your landscape will have some hidden benefits and pitfalls. Most importantly, you will need to understand the overall trends governing the development and evolution of mobile technologies in general and specifically with the SMP suite . For example:

  • With SMP 3.0 MBOs are phased out and replaced by Offline OData.
  • Apps using MBOs in SUP 2.3 will not be compatible with 3.0.
  • SMP 3.0 installations can now be either on premise or in the cloud. This flexibility creates technology landscape choices for software and data storage.
  • Hybrid Web Container (HWC) applications are being sunset in SMP 3.0 so this will have to be considered and mitigated.

In short, you will want a guide to effectively navigate you to this next generation of technology in order to minimize unnecessary cost and delays. expertIG has an SMP 3.0 playbook that points out the details you will want to consider. For a deeper, more comprehensive approach to working with SMP 3.0, request a copy of our playbook or consult with one of our SMP experts.